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CAFCASS Home Visit

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mrsdarcey78 Sun 18-Sep-16 14:11:37

Hi I have 3 children ages 18 15 and 9. Been taken to court for a contact order for them by ex who has not seen them in 2 years. 18 year old was taken off order at the first hearing, no interim contact, cafcass asked to do 6 week report, for a final hearing in October. Been to see cafcass officer on Friday. He is not going to include 15 year old either. Ex been told that. he said 9 year old more tricky. He is very concerned about Ex ability to care for her. He said she is a vulnerable child, and had complex health needs. I am her full time carer. He is now wanting to do a home visit to meet all 3 children and get a fuller picture and the childrens wishes and feelings, said they were all old enough, the ex was a abusive bully who made everyones life hell. The children do not want too see him. also in the meantime, the ex has received the debt he owes on the child maintenance of £3k and also divorce papers. (I am aware these are separate issues), but he is now stated he is homeless and jobless also. He refuses to sign divorce papers so I have had to pay for process servers to serve them on him. He still refused but I can continue with divorce now as he admitted to having the papers to them. My questions are what to expect moving forwards now at the cafcass home visit? they will all say what ex was like and they do not want too see him, the older two will already not be on the paperwork. the 9 year old has complex health needs and does not want to see him. cafcass mentioned indirect contact a few times but did not confirm it. thank you for any help x

NNChangeAgain Sun 18-Sep-16 22:18:12

The visit will inform part the CAFCASS report; it will include what the youngest DC says, what needs they have, what their homelife with you is like.

They won't tell you in advance what their recommendation to the court will be - that will be included in the report they write. Your solicitor will get a copy before the next hearing, though.

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