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Next of kin, complicated situation

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rockabillyruby82 Sun 18-Sep-16 10:21:34

Hello all, really hoping someone can clarify a few things for me. It's long and complicated.
My dad passed away very recently, I'm his eldest child. He has a partner whom he has been with for many years and although they lived together, they've never shared a tenancy. All his mail went to another address. My dad nominated his partner on his hospital paperwork as next of kin.
Unfortunately her, me and my siblings have never got on well although we are being civil at the moment. I've tried to discuss with her dad's paperwork, she says she knows nothing. I've rung family and friends, they know nothing. So my only choice is to go to hers and help her find the paperwork. Like I said, we don't get on great and she's already argued with one of us about her being next of kin.
My query is is she? I don't know if dad wrote a will, without one who is the beneficiary?

cdtaylornats Sun 18-Sep-16 10:25:43

Follow the flowchart

rockabillyruby82 Sun 18-Sep-16 10:37:32

Well that simplified it! Thank you!!

FluffyWuffyFuckYou Sun 18-Sep-16 10:42:48

NOK for the hospital is basically whoever he wants it to be. Its not a legal definition in that context at all.

rockabillyruby82 Sun 18-Sep-16 11:47:47

She seems to think it is, not looking forward to that discussion! I've arranged to visit and start sorting stuff tomorrow. Hopefully there won't be any drama, really don't need it right now sad

ImperialBlether Sun 18-Sep-16 11:50:22

I think there's a difference between inheritance (in which case you inherit and she doesn't, unless a Will specifies otherwise) and NOK at the hospital.

RebootYourEngine Sun 18-Sep-16 11:54:44

You can have anyone as your next of kin. Its just like an emergency contact.

Inheritance is completely different.

mumblechum0 Sun 18-Sep-16 12:05:21

If there's a will, he would probably keep a copy at home. The original will either be with the solicitors who drew it up, or may be lodged at the Probate Office's storage service or the National Will Database (Clarity).

If there is no will, then you and your siblings inherit everything.

ImperialBlether Sun 18-Sep-16 12:33:19

Which address did he use for his mail?

Did he ever mention Wills to you?

QuiteLikely5 Sun 18-Sep-16 12:37:07

Why are you so certain there is no will?

Was your father quite wealthy? Otherwise I don't understand what all the fuss is about

rockabillyruby82 Sun 18-Sep-16 12:45:59

He used a friends address, I don't know why. He was a very secretive man, I'd ask him about stuff and he'd laugh and say don't worry. He had a pension and life insurance.
Quitelikely5 I came here to ask a simple question I wasn't certain of the answer to, not to discuss my dads wealth. No fuss is being made

somekindofmother Sun 18-Sep-16 12:47:47

with out a will you and your siblings would be the beneficiary, however she could contest as a long time partner and she would likely be given something if she could prove length of relationship etc. if you do not want her to get anything u should seek legal advice. otherwise maybe consider splitting equally between you, her and siblings? depends what your dad would have wanted I guess.

ImperialBlether Sun 18-Sep-16 17:10:41

No, she can't get anything just because she's been with him a long time!

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