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Changing attorneys

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magsbags123 Fri 16-Sep-16 13:00:45

My parents appointed my sister and I as joint and several about 15 years ago. Since then my Dad has died and Mum wants to review things.

The issue is that the relationship between me and my sister has completely broken down, mostly due to disagreements over Mum's care. My sister has recently had a nervous breakdown and can barely make decisions for herself, let alone anyone else. She is a very disorganised person who is hopeless with paperwork and finances. The relationship between her and my Mum is pretty bad and always has been. My sister refuses to speak to me at all.

Mum and I believe the way round this is to make me the sole attorney. Is this possible to do without my sister's express agreement? Mum is failing healthwise but perfectly able to make decisions. My sister may in fact be relieved not to have the responsibility. Another issue is that I live 200 miles away whereas my sister lives locally to my Mum, though she only visits her once a week since her breakdown.

Any advice very welcome.

mumblechum0 Fri 16-Sep-16 18:55:37

As your mother still has capacity she can simply cancel the existing LPA and make a fresh one, naming you alone.

She should however let your sister know what she's doing, to avoid any arguments. Is your mum sure she wants to have just you, though, as you're such a long way away and your sister sees her regularly?

magsbags123 Sat 17-Sep-16 10:42:07

Thanks. We will be informing my sister what we are doing.

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