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ESA face to face assessment

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Babycat70 Sun 11-Sep-16 12:00:39

Hi I was seeking some answers for the above a noticed a few members were able to help others. Hope I'm in the right place. Basically I've been on ESA formally incapacity benefit and DLA middle rate care high rate mobility indefinitely still waiting for PIP review. I suffer from a spine disease Spondylolthesis Degenerative Neuropathy Pain and numbness is both legs use stick indoor with stairs lift wet room etc wheelchair attendance pushed outside. I'm have fatigue depression borderline Personality Disorder anxiety social anxiety OCD self harm panic attacks etc Lichen sclerosis oral Lichen Planus Foliate Deficiency Ulcerative Colitis recurrent kidney infections insomnia. I'm on targinact slow release palexia citalopram 40 folic Acid nitrofurtion etc. For the first time I've been asked for face to face assessment before my old GP done letter but new GP never met me and filled out form or more to the point just said see attached on each section and put history of self harm. I got the letter of Friday collapsed and went to GP who told me to see psychiatrist yesterday. Psychiatrist is doing a letter stating im too ill for assessment and it would be harmful for me if I was put in work related group currently in support group from physical inability to walk for than 12 feet and also my mental health. GP also doing letter to back up psychiatrist. Psychiatrist said he would be shocked if after his letter I still have to go which I can't so it would be home visit which then triggers my OCD. Can anyone help me could they make me go I'm so scared x

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