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Power of Attorney or what?

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Muddle2000 Sun 04-Sep-16 23:10:59

My father is 91 and currently in quite good health. He does have some memory loss at times.
He is far away in a care home. He wishes to move near me and sibling.
I could manage to look after him as I do not work and I absolutely do not
like the care facilities near me.
I would need a financial contribution eg his pension. I would need to buy a special mattress for him as well to avoid bedsores.
We buy personal items for him and he gives us cheques and they all bounce.
He is too befuddled to take this in.
Any solution? He has a solicitor and a will so all ok there
I feel that if I can I might be able to offer him some nice company
in his last years.

Sunseed Fri 09-Sep-16 17:02:16

He could grant you a simple power of attorney if he still has mental capacity to do so now, if he wanted you to help him manage his financial affairs. But this would become invalid as soon as he ever lost mental capacity. You might want to look into Lasting Power of Attorney, one for each of Finances and his Health & Wellbeing. These would be in place ready to be invoked as soon as he lost capacity.

littleblackno Fri 09-Sep-16 17:09:28

Lasting power of attorney would be needed if he wants you to manage his finances.

If he wants to move with you then he could. If he needs a mattress then district nurses would provide this. Be VERY clear about what his needs are before he moved in with you. He is currently in a care home for a reason- unless he has chosen to move there and is paying for it himself then the local authority will be funding and there is strict criteria on people's needs. He will have very high care needs if he needs 24hour care.
It would not be good for him to move from there where he is settled for you to them realise you can't manage his needs.

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