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can a judges decision be challenged in family court

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backtothe80s Fri 02-Sep-16 16:36:42

my x provided a statement which is manipulation of the truth and as a result the family home has been sold. I am still to attend final hearing in a couple of weeks - I want to know if i can write to the judge with the correct facts supported by emails etc. I did not get the x's statement until 30 mins before the court hearing ( my solicitor is saying it went in a spam folder) and as i had gone to court unrepresented ( a whole other issue) was in no fit state to challenge it at the time. A material fact has been completely omitted which i have found out today and whilst the argument from his solicitor was that the capital was needed from the sale as money is tight this has been proven untrue although it is not mentioned in his statement. I am complaining against my legal team as i feel they have failed me as have missed a couple of significant facts and the judge at the time said they would have given me good advice -I now see why x has used a direct access barrister - so he can manipulate what he tells the barrister and without seeing the full file the barrister is none the wiser. I am slowly losing faith in the whole legal system. It is one contradiction after another from both solicitors, it has cost me a fortune to get nowhere - surely this cannot be right

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