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Endowment in my name and EP - would current DH have a claim to it?

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croatiamom Tue 30-Aug-16 14:25:22

Sounds confusing but I have an endownment that will mature next year - it's in my name and my ex partners name still (although when we separated made it legal that he didn't have any claim to it but it was legal to still keep his name on it)

So question is as I took it out 24/25 years ago and have paid it myself every month would my Soon to be Ex H have any claim on it?

I plan to put it into our DS's account for education/Uni

Collaborate Tue 30-Aug-16 22:33:56

If you became the owner you should have got him to sign a deed of assignment. You say you "made it legal." Is this what you did?

Sootica Wed 31-Aug-16 21:00:58

If it's your asset then yes your soon to be ex H has a claim on it as you are married and you'd have to disclose it. If you have a clear agreement you have sole entitlement to the beneficial interest with your ex P or it has been assigned to you as collaborate mentioned then the whole of the value should be disclosed in your divorce as yours. However as its clearly a pre marital asset then it may not be relevant to the financial division in your divorce, unless there is not enough in the marital pot of assets to meet each of your needs when it will be taken into account as an asset available to you .

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