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Advice please anyone?

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4n0nym0u5 Mon 22-Aug-16 23:13:53

Hi, me and my ex have been divorced since January. I thought we were quite amicable, but he has since got a girlfriend (now fiancé) and things have changed.

When he left he was happy to let me and our young children live in the marital home which we both have our names on. But in May he said he wans his name off the mortgage. Which im happy with, but I just cant afford to move home at the minute, rent or buy him out. We went to mediation and things were discussed...I agreed to get the house valued and take it from there. The mediator said there was nothing else she could do as I was in no position (financially) to move home.

I told my ex I will be in a better position to move next year.
He is not happy with this and so is asking for me to return to mediation again.....what will happen now? could this go to court? can he force me out of my home?

prh47bridge Tue 23-Aug-16 00:14:47

If you can't agree it could go to court. If it does go that way the court will want to be sure that everyone has a roof over their heads.

4n0nym0u5 Tue 23-Aug-16 08:36:31

I am agreeing though....that's the thing! Just no way it will happen this year...

prh47bridge Tue 23-Aug-16 10:16:16

You both need to agree! If he isn't happy with the timescale he could take t to court.

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