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So my mentally ill uncle reckons my mum stashed some cash for him, now she is dead and he is furious. What do I do?

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Ohwhatafuckingmess Sun 21-Aug-16 20:24:09

Ive nc'd for this as it could out me as Im sure no one else has this much drama. I recently lost my mum.
She has a brother who I suspect is mentally ill he gets things in his head that never happened or that he thinks are right and fixates on them and fixates on people too. Also he scares the living shit out of me he has threatened members of my family with fights (once while family member was holding a newborn and once with a knife).
He spent a while living with my grandma in her flat until she died. He took everything out of it. But four years after she died he started going round my mums shouting at her saying she took two speakers that hed stuffed with money or she knew who did and wanted answers.
Obviously no one knew what he was on about as he emptied the flat. But he would still go round.
Now she has died he is telling everyone she stashed 50k in a bank account in her name for him (hes on benefits so where hed get 50k is anyones idea).
My mum and dad do have large savings but they both worked very hard full time accumulating those savings (it helps that theyve been mortgage free since 1996).
He keeps going round to my mums house (he doesnt know where DB lives and I live the other end of the country), hoping to 'have it out with us'.
He has no evidence of this money but is becoming such a pain in the arse we have had to get the police involved.
Ive been through her paperwork and cant find any trace of it (if I could id happily hand it over just to get him out of our lives). So does this mean he can contest the will or something and lay his hands on her savings?
Also can I get a restraining order or something as I will be going to sort her house out soon and if he comes while Im there I dont doubt for a minute that he would hurt me (he goes every day at different times hoping to catch us and is becoming increasingly unhinged as he realises no one is there).
Im scared shitless and tbh this is one more stress I could do without.

tribpot Sun 21-Aug-16 20:30:53

He doesn't even sound coherent enough to contest the will, but if he did I would imagine he would get nowhere given there is no evidence of any such bank account nor mention of providing for him in her will (I assume).

It's good that the police are now involved, I assume they weren't during the earlier altercations? I certainly don't think you should be in that house on your own, and would phone the police to ask for their advice.

Really sorry you're dealing with this on top of the loss of your mum.

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