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' Dads matter too ' , advice needed please ?

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Littleblue Sun 21-Aug-16 17:32:32

This is a sensitive one , a friend of mine campaigns tirelessly for the rights of the poor , the disenfranchised and the disabled . She counsels people endlessly about their rights and on available support . Her son is being denied access to his child by his abusive and controlling exe , and the wider family , and herself are under intolerable stress . This very close knit family are living with disability and struggle to make ends meet .

She is an intensely private person , and this is hard on them all .

My hope is to raise enough money through crowdfunder for them to gain access to his only child , as is his right , and his son's right . He has done everything he can to be a father to his child , but the mother began to deliberately exclude him as soon as she found out she was pregnant , she openly goads him , trying to get him to text her as aggressively as she does him , so she can have him excluded permanently for * abusive behaviour * All he wants is to be a father to his son , and all of this is causing him anxiety and depression . Legal help is urgently needed and they simply can't afford it . Its not always men who are emotionally violent after all .

Can anyone advise what his rights are ? He's on the birth certificate ...

Fourormore Sun 21-Aug-16 19:32:22

Get him to look at Families Need Fathers. They have an online forum for members and monthly meetings for members and non-members. They can advise on what action needs to be taken. He's looking at applying to mediation and then filing form C100 to court if that fails. Cost is £215 unless he's eligible for reduced fees. It's fairly straight forward and he can represent himself in court.
Lucy Reed has written a book for people representing themselves. Her website is called Pink Tape.

Littleblue Sun 21-Aug-16 19:44:48

Thanks Four , I've passed that info on , he's tried to get her to mediation , and so far she's laughed at him ... she fails to see that ultimately , a judge won't look kindly upon this ..

heidiwine Mon 22-Aug-16 06:32:55

I would recommend the centre for separated families - Karen Woodall runs it. Perhaps your friend could reach out to her?

Littleblue Mon 22-Aug-16 10:40:17

Thanks Heidi , I sent her the link xx

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