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cafcass the family court and access

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mrsdarcey78 Thu 18-Aug-16 13:57:47

Hi I am panicking and worrying about next weeks court date, have had it confirmed the 18 year old won't be on the papers by cafcass. They have said that due to the 2 year gap with no contact, the DV issues and the children saying that don't want to go, they would not be recommending direct contact, at least not at first. They are 14 and 9. I have a solicitor who has also booked a barrister for the actual court date. The C1A forms were posted to the father this week, he should also be getting divorce papers. he did not serve any C1A form etc to me. Said on forms no issue this way. The solicitor says i have done right things by offering and attending mediation myself, he is due to go to his tomorrow. and offering a option of very slow indirect contact. I feel very anxious and sick, first time I would of seen him for two years, have applied for a screen in court but as its the magistrates court, if in the little room, not enough room for a screen in them. I am paying for the solicitor and barrister up to and including the court date. thank you for any advice.

Missgraeme Sat 20-Aug-16 22:46:31

U will get though this because u want what's right for your kids.
U will get through this because u are all your kids need.
Stay strong and focused for just a bit longer.
Then u can get on with your life and enjoy being their mother again.
I know how awful and stressful this is.
4 years of hell with my ex had me diagnosed with ptsd. But I won. And my kids are happy. And so am I. U will be too soon. Thoughts are with u - I recognise your details from other posts.

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