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Divorce - XH shared finances with new GF - WWYT?

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Goldilocks3Bears Wed 17-Aug-16 14:45:44

I'm slap bang in the middle of a divorce and as part of the Form E disclosure and general knowledge, it has become apparent that the charming man is a) spending waaay beyond his means to impress the new GF but also that b) it looks like they have joint finances. He is refusing to admit his intentions are to move in with her, in a bid to get more of our house equity, but joint spending on his cc includes a shitload of clothes online for her, spending when she is on business trips without him (so I'm thinking a second card on the account?), what looks like a deposit for her new car and various amounts of cash going in and out to and from her from his current account. She was referred to in his emails as The One and he's been eager for her to meet the kids.

Thoughts and experience of this??


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