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Social services family court case - how private?

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dontwanttobeknownbyname Wed 17-Aug-16 14:12:22

Long story but the basics are:

Someone was threatened court by social arrives because their autistic child displayed behaviour of abuse. The child was hospitalised for a year and the social services started collating 'evidence' for court.

Before long they decided there was insufficient evidence and dropped the case. Child discharged home and nothing more of it.

However, someone close to the child had been interviewed and (mis)quoted by social services in their case against the parents. This has led to a huge rift and the parents refuse to divulge the details of what that person allegedly said, which has left this person in an impossible situation. They claim they have said nothing wrong or misleading to social services, and felt that the lead person had it in for the family so was twisting anything that anybody said innocently. It was only when a new person took over the case that it was dropped.

He parents say their solicitor advise they can't tell a single soul what's in the case against them, event though it's dropped. Someone explained to me that a dropped case can be started up again in the future, so I understand the fear, but what I ant understand is what legal harm could come of telling the person what they apparently said to social services. Otherwise how can they defend themselves? They're currently being ostracised from the whole family because of this, which is very painful. Also not very good for the autistic child who is very close to this person.

Can anyone tell me what's happening legally here to prevent the parents explaining where this person allegedly went wrong? Or does it sound like the parents are using an excuse to hide their reasons for being so angry ie: perhaps they've come to realise they're being unreasonable etc.

dontwanttobeknownbyname Wed 17-Aug-16 14:15:04

Apologies for typos

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