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Am I entitled to same maternity package?

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user1471271586 Mon 15-Aug-16 15:59:56

I'm just about to tell my boss that I'm pregnant. We're a small company so don't have any HR dept or even an employee handbook. There has only been one other pregnancy in the company. That was a few years ago and I know that she ended up getting a legal friend to write her a maternity package as they took so long to get back to her.
I don't know the exact details but I know that she got a pretty sweet deal as she had been working at the company for 12 years at the time.
I'm also coming up to my twelfth year now and wonder if I'm legally entitled to the same enhanced package that they gave her? Or is each case assessed indvidually?
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks smile

Hoppinggreen Mon 15-Aug-16 22:01:24

It would be a good idea to ask for this to be moved to Employement. There are a few really helpful and knowledgeable HR people and employment lawyers on there

user1471271586 Tue 16-Aug-16 08:16:27

Thanks Hoppinggreen
Will do smile

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