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Dispute Resolution Appointment. how can I present evidence and is it necessary to create a court bundle?

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sandangel Sun 14-Aug-16 21:00:52

Hello ladies (and gents?),

So I have my Dispute Resolution Apoointment coming up and they have stated in the court order that evidence will be heard if time permits. I really have to present evidence of domestic abuse that I did not initially report. I am the respondent and ex wants whole weekend visits but I have concerns. It feels like court does not believe me as they did not go for a fact finding. I have audio, visual, picture evidence and character and witness statements. Does anyone one how to present these types of evidence and should I show it to him and submit it to court before the day or simply present it on the day?

Info online is a bit confusing and I am representing myself. Do I need to make a court bundle?

Many thanks!

Roz44 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:01:03

Hi There -I am a solicitor - I am able to give general comment on here but not advice. Generally the applicant will prepare the bundle (unless the order says something different) - the contents should be agreed between you. If you want your evidence included then you should make that clear, In terms of evidence for DV I would have thought that there would have been a direction in the order for witness statements ? PM me if you wish . Best of luck R

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