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Extension to restraining order

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MummyT12 Sun 14-Aug-16 14:18:05

I had an restraining order in place until June 2016 which the court put in place for my ex-dp following harassment warnings and criminal damage. There have been incidents which I didn't report to the police but there was an incident yesterday which I did inform the police of after my ex-dp followed me and our Lo and chased us before stopping in the road and getting out of the car screaming and shouting. He then got in the car and continued to follow us again before turning off. I feel he's very unpredictable and concerned for mine and Lo's safety.
My ex-dp has previous for domestic violence/battery which I knew nothing about until court which may explain why I'm concerned.
The police informed me that I can apply for an extension but what evidence do I need?

GreenAndYellow Sun 14-Aug-16 22:03:53

Ask the police what help they can give you. I hope they are supportive. However, I think you need proper legal advice and very quickly. The ncdv helpline is good (please Google because I can't link on my phone, but they are really good).

I've been through similar myself very recently, and know how scary this is. I think that you need a non-molestation order, and quickly. The ncdv helpline can make this happen. Non- molestation orders are made through the family courts,but restraining orders have to come from the criminal prosecution service. As you can't afford to wait, you need a non molestation order.

Call the ncdv helpline as soon as you can flowers

MummyT12 Mon 15-Aug-16 21:57:38

Thank you GreenandYellow. My solicitor has informed me that a non molestation order is very expensive and doesn't do anymore than an harassment order which the police have now given him after another incident yesterday. My solicitor says the extension would need to come from the police as the restraining order was put in place by them and not through civil court. I will definitely call ncdv to get further advice though so many thanks for your advice xx

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