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heellpp pplz

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mee16 Tue 09-Aug-16 16:09:29

im new on this but need some urgent advice. my ex applied for divorce and now were divorced.. yaayy!!
but he has put a cost order and the courts are adamant for me to pay his legal costs which are £13500.
im really stressed and dont know what to do. iv contacted his third party and said i will pay £3 a month as i work part time and have 2 kids.
bcoz there is a court order saying iv got to pay it he keeps threatning me saying hes going to enforce the order if i dont make reasonable offer amount.
this is ridiculous as iv got my own feed to pay too. he works full time and earns more than me.
has anyone else been through anything similar or any advice really appreciated.

Familylawsolicitor Tue 09-Aug-16 16:24:07

Was the costs order made as part of the divorce proceedings at decree nisi? In that the costs are related to the divorce only. Ask for a detailed breakdown and say you want to apply for detailed assessment of you do not agree. You shouldn't be paying much more than £1500 tops for a divorce.

Reply to him / his solicitors asking for a detailed breakdown of the bill.

If you've put an extra £0 on the bill figure in your post and its £1350 not £13500 as stated then I'd just start paying an monthly sum and say it's all you can afford - if you can't lay more and have no assets there isn't much more he can do on enforcement - you would have had notice earlier in the proceedings to dispute payment and if it's £1350 and the decree nisi has been made then there is not much you can do as it would be hard to dispute that amount. However he may decide it's not worth bothering issuing proceedings to enforce if you are clear about your financial position

mee16 Tue 09-Aug-16 16:38:29

yes sorry the figure is £1350.
i didnt know when he made an order for costs.
i have asked the courts for a detailed assessment hearing and i went today. he didnt turn up but his solicitors sent a letter saying that they havent recieved my letter of objection and equally they havent served a breakdown of the costs either. so now a new order was made to say that iv to file the objection letter to them within 7 days and them to serve the cost schedule within 14 days and will have another court date.
i dont understand why have i to pay for his legal costs.?
the judge told me today that it doesnt matter what my income is. the hearing is to see if theyre costs are reasonable or not.
there must be something i can do?
please help with advice

Collaborate Tue 09-Aug-16 19:25:09

The over all costs bill may well end up greater - they are allowed to include in their claim a court assessment fee, and a fee for preparation of the bill.

As familylawsolicitor posted, it's not worth your while challenging a bill that size for the divorce. If I were you I'd write to say that you accept the amount of the bill, but would like time to pay.

mee16 Tue 09-Aug-16 19:43:57

thanku and i understand what you say and familylaw solicitor.
but there was no bailiff sent to my house amd they have added costs of the bailiff serving and prep of the docs. what so i do in that sense?

prh47bridge Tue 09-Aug-16 21:38:51

That suggests you did not respond to the divorce petition when it was delivered by post so someone had to hand the papers to you personally. The person who handed you the papers was a bailiff.

mee16 Tue 09-Aug-16 22:32:43

yes i know what a bailiff is.
the question is that i wasnt served by a bailiff!
no one served nothing on me. iv never met anyone or had a card or anything left saying that they had been.
they have added the costs but they are lieing.
i would understand if it had happened but it didnt.

Familylawsolicitor Tue 09-Aug-16 22:40:40

They may have applied for bailiff service but then you finally acknowledged the petition before the bailiff served. If the court deems the bailiff service application reasonable ie because you hadn't acknowledged the petition on time (there is only 7 days to acknowledge although I bet they waited for longer before applying for bailiff service) then you'll have to pay it

mee16 Tue 09-Aug-16 22:55:12

aahh i see what you mean now.
yes i didnt recieve the application till bery late. dont know why. and by then it was nearly a month but i replied back as soon as i got it.
but i see what you mean.
so you think that theres no point in arguing the fact why iv to pay his legal costs and just pay it as i will have to anyway?
is there no other solution to this at all ?

ConkerTriumphant Tue 09-Aug-16 23:06:18

Maybe it's worth paying £1350 to be rid of him. What price freedom..?

mee16 Wed 10-Aug-16 13:52:23

true say, so even if they enforce the order on me bcoz they are not happy with £2 a month . then you think theres nothing no one can so if i cant afford to pay anymore?

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