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Property law advice

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olympicfan Mon 08-Aug-16 18:36:54

We went to court today to get legal possession of a property our tenants have abandoned and claim the rent arrears that they owe.

We made a mistake in taking all paper work, except the section 8 notice, so the hearing has been adjourned for 4 weeks.

We found the section 8 which we issued on 1st July after our tenants were 2 months in arrears. We the started the court proceedings online on 5th July. We have just read that we should have given 14 days before starting court proceedings.

What does this mean for our case? Tenants have gone. We just need legal possession back and our arrears.

Ginmakesitallok Mon 08-Aug-16 18:42:05

I dont understand why you need the court involvement if tenants have keft- can't you just go in and change the locks now?

olympicfan Mon 08-Aug-16 18:51:11

Because the court proceedings we lodged were to get legal possession and arrears. So they have to grant the first before looking at the arrears claim- unless I have misunderstood.

wowfudge Tue 09-Aug-16 07:11:18

If you haven't kept to the prescribed timetable, you probably need to start again. Get some paid for legal advice.

olympicfan Tue 09-Aug-16 19:09:35

Is there a way we can just claim the rent arrears?

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