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Who owns this land?

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whatsthatcomingoverthehill Mon 08-Aug-16 14:51:55

There's a bit of land adjoining us that doesn't appear to be registered on the land registry, and we could do with finding out who (if anyone) is responsible for it. It's a small strip of land between adjoining owners with a stream running down it. My understanding is that it is normally assumed that the land ownership goes to the middle of the stream, even if it is not clearly defined on land registry plans. Is that right? (From what I can tell from the title deeds there is nothing specific about it.)

wowfudge Mon 08-Aug-16 23:16:37

No - assume nothing. Have you had a search of the index map carried out by the Land Registry? This is not the same as searching the map online yourself. You need to fill in the form and pay the fee. LR staff are really helpful so give them a call and they'll tell you what you need to do.

whatsthatcomingoverthehill Tue 09-Aug-16 08:20:53

Yes, I've had the search. That bit of land isn't registered.

I think that I'll have to go and look at some archives to see if I can trace the ownership back to when the land was first divvied up.

OhNoNotMyBaby Tue 09-Aug-16 08:23:07

Contact your council and request to adopt it. I may be wrong but I thought councils are generally keen for people to do this because it means they don't have to maintain it.

A near neighbour adopted a whole stretch of land between their side fence and a dual carriageway.

wowfudge Tue 09-Aug-16 15:57:14

The problem is that the council may not be the owner - establishing the ownership is key. Or fence it off and try to go down the adverse possession route.

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