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I missed a directions hearing

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jayho Sun 07-Aug-16 23:19:14

So exh asked for an emergency directions hearing as he is not having contact with his children as per a court order.

It was scheduled for last Thursday, notice waived, notice of hearing sent out monday 1/8/16 by post only.

I work full time and as exh's contact with children broke down at last minute and I had no child care was obliged to work out of london office so mother could facilitate childcare.

I received notice of hearing on return from London late on 4/8/16 so missed it..

DS1 refuses contact with exh following an assault which exh denies, DS2 has become increasingly distressed at contact culminating in him fleeing contact last week and returning to me, he is 7, soc services advised I should not force his return

Am I in trouble?

Judge had ordered that cafcass monitor compliance with contact order following hearing I could not attend

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