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Ombudsman- anything else I can do??

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LakelandLassie Wed 03-Aug-16 13:15:56

Last year I took out a contract with a mobile phone provider for a mobile wifi device for £20/month on a 30 day notice. It was to provide internet access temporarily until the broadband service was activated in our new house. I specifically told the shop assistant/sales person that my DS (15) is an online gamer and went with the data plan he recommended.

First months bill was £3600!!

After getting nowhere with the company, I referred the case to the Ombudsman, truly believing that I had been mis-sold the product as (I know now) the data allowance was never going to be enough.

The Ombudsman have just come back with their findings which is basically in the company's favour as the verbal discussion between my self and the sales person cannot be verified.

I am gutted. I feel sick.

Ombudsman have given me 2 weeks to respond with any new/additional evidence which obviously I cannot provide as it was a verbal discussion.

Is there anything else I can do?

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