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What can I do about possible property auction fraud?

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iknowimcoming Wed 03-Aug-16 10:20:22

I'll try and keep it short! Land to rear of my house (commercially forested approx 50 acres) has been for sale since xmas. Didn't sell as a whole so was split into smaller plots, still didn't sell. A couple of weeks ago was part of it was split into smaller plots to marry up with my house and my 4 neighbours, presumably to tempt us into buying. There was a query over replanting trees so I didn't go to the auction as wasn't confident but some of these plots sold (presumably to my neighbours). We were offered 'our' plot after the auction but our solicitor wasn't happy with the contract and advised us not to buy it without redoing it, also the land wasn't registered to the vendor as they had only recently bought it, apparently, auctioneers got really ranty at this point and said they had others interested etc etc. We backed off wondering if there really was something dodgy going on. Anyway a larger plot of land which includes the plots behind mine and my neighbours houses is up for auction tomorrow, so effectively selling land that has already been sold. I think this is some sort of scam but who can I get to look into to it to stop anyone buying it tomorrow?! Any ideas? I've seen there is a property ombudsman but not sure if this would cover auctioneers?

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