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if no one is going to contest a will, does it need to be found?

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itsazoohere Tue 02-Aug-16 01:04:34

My mum died on Friday. We know when her will was made, but it was mainly stipulating who would look after me. I'm now 37, so not so applicable grin
My dad has the name of the solicitor last in charge, and we left a voicemail. He may not be practicing though by now.
Everything would have been left to my dad, and my siblings and I agree with this.
There's a LOT of paperwork and phone calls, but is this something we need to chase up? My mum had not much of value to leave.
Any advice gratefully appreciated.

Kwirrell Tue 02-Aug-16 21:17:07

If there is no will then the normal intestate rules apply. The money will go to your dad. With everything else that yiu have to do at the moment, chasing a will does not seem worth worrying about.

MummyBex1985 Wed 03-Aug-16 22:20:15

Yes, it's important. What if the will doesn't say what you expect it to?

As next of kin (whoever that is) you're obliged to conduct a reasonable search for a will. That usually involves going through household papers and doing a certainty search online. Less likely to cause issues in the future if nothing is thrown up.

If the solicitor no longer practises then the firm will still hold the will, or if the firm went under it'll be stored centrally and will still be accessible.

Sorry for your loss. I am still going through my own DMs probate. Family were adamant she had a will but we've done everything possible to find it, even ringing all the solicitors in town, but it's given us nothing.

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