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Does she need to pay him the full amount?

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Justsobloodyunfair Fri 29-Jul-16 15:07:33

I'm posting on behalf of a friend. My friend has bought a doer-upper camper-style van. She received a quote from someone for £4000 to hook up gas, electricity, water and refit the interior, basically so it would be all ready to use for the summer. She agreed to this and paid a £1500 deposit. (Which she didn't get a receipt for). The guy has now said that he gets someone in to do the gas and because the appliances are second hand, he apparently won't fit them. The guy has said he'll knock £500 off the price. Apparently £500 would not be enough to get someone in to do the gas. My friend has requested £1000 off as that is more the ball park to get someone to fit the gas appliances, but the guy has refused. Does my friend have to pay the remainder of the £3500 (as of now stands) or can she just give him £3000 (total)? There are also other bits that haven't been completed, running water in the toilet sink and ventilation holes for gas appliances. My friend also suggested that she finds someone to come and fit the gas appliances at the warehouse where the van is being worked on and take that out of the £4000, but the guy refused. Basically, she feels this guy has her over a barrel. There was only a verbal agreement btw.

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