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I need help please

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Mike2002 Thu 28-Jul-16 11:07:37

I am a sufferer from mental health depression and anxiety and although stupid I don't need to be judged I yesterday made an attempt on my life I need advice on how to help myself I am being I think bullied by an ex partner which I'm ashamed of myself and it takes a lot to admit but they have access to my medical records and use the info they are gaining from my files to badger me and make me feel suicidal I don't want ppl to know what treatment I'm having (friend and family) because I'm so ashamed of what I have become but this person is directly relaying me info maroon that they would not know if they where not going to work and nosing at my files I need this to stop if I am going to get myself on the right road and altho I may be paranoid I am stating to think it would be best all round if I was successful I always thought nhs staff where empathic and this sort of thing didn't happen but I'm experiencing it and I am alone I have no place to turn this person is of good proffesioal status and I'm well not really so I'm so scared of doing anything has anyone experienced anything like this and how do I deal with it please please someone can I help myself

WrappedInABlankie Thu 28-Jul-16 19:48:13

Firstly you need to see your GP under the patient doctor confidentiality he's not allowed to tell anybody. You can also ask him to put on your file you believe someone is accessing your medical records and you're making a complaint to PALs

Secondly, make a complaint. Your medical records will have a log of who has logged onto them, at what time and from where. If your Ex is logging onto them to harass you, then she will be dealt with and she'll be in breach of her employment contract.

If they are harassing you, contact the police. You need to take every step to be able to show you've tried to stop contact and that's them initiating it. Don't reply to texts, emails, phone calls, visits ect. Everytime they contact you log it against them with the police. If they continue you can seek a non-molestation order or the police can serve them with a harassment order notice.

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