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Enduring power of attorney

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tabula Sun 24-Jul-16 16:30:21

I have some queries/questions about the way an enduring power of attorney for a family member who has dementia, is being handled.

It may very well all be well within their powers, but I would like to find out what sorts of behaviours are considered 'unsuitable' because it does seem to be in the best interests of the person involved.

Could anyone point me towards some sensible online advice, or would it be the sort of thing a CAB might be best to speak to about the situation.

Thanks in advance

Mumblechum0 Sun 24-Jul-16 20:31:24

I suggest that you contact the Office of the Public Guardian. Their job is partly to ensure that the EPA is being properly administered.

Have a look at their website first, and if you still have questions, their phone number is 0300 456 0300. I've always found them very helpful over the phone.

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