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Minor Car Accident- Settled on the spot but now other party made an claim

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Cutegig09 Sat 23-Jul-16 00:19:28

In early April I was involved in a minor car accident. Was turning from minor road to major suddenly hit a paint company small van in front stopped and I bumped the back of him (at less than 10 miles per hour). There was small damage to his vehicle (I took pictures).

As I'm the name driver on my Uncle's policy I gave him my details and he refused to give his details. He said his company will contact me before as its my 1st accident I don't know much about exchanging details.

The damage to my vehicle cost less than excess on insurance so I just wanted to sorted it outside the insurance claim and as very little damage to his van and hit so slowly no claim should have been made on the spot. As he assures me his company contact me before making claim.

I got the letter from his insurance after 3 weeks, I replied them accept the liability but didn't inform my insurance company (was thinking his insurance company already contacted to mine).

I got another letter from them for injury claim last month and his insurance company want to inspect my vehicle. I was out for holidays. When I came to see this letter I am so scared. There's nothing he can actually claim but I think he is going to try and play the system to get money.

Now I want to sell my car but this all is still in the middle and the main problem is my insurance company don't know anything because I never get a single letter or phone call from them. Was that wrong? Will insurance company not help me now? They are not open on weekend so can't speak with them.
Anyone have any tips or advice please?

wibblewobble8 Sat 23-Jul-16 00:30:51

Surely you would just give your insurance details to his insurance company and let them sort it out. Or just call your insurance company and say that you thought that the other party would have contacted them direct, but you now realise they didnt.

Cutegig09 Sat 23-Jul-16 19:18:42

Thanx for the advice Wibblewobble8

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