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Court order breach

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Froggie72 Sat 09-Jul-16 08:14:47

Long story short my ex husband has not seen our girls for 2 years due to him not bothering and instead of just calling and asking to see them, due to being a control freak he went to court to get an order which cost me 5k and the daft thing is I would not have disagreed to it anyway. Now he has let the girls down 3 times, and arrived late for visitation. Can I do anything to enforce this as they are so upset, or do I just be there for them when they are distraught at their daddy not caring, yet again!

Collaborate Sat 09-Jul-16 14:17:44

You have I think 2 choices:

1. Tell him that he has to text you 24 hours before he's due to collect them, and then an hour before, to confirm he is still coming, otherwise you will do something else with them.

2. Apply back to court for a variation to reduce the frequency, as failure to turn up on his part is causing the girls upset.

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