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Sainsbury’s leaking bottle ...

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bellerain55 Wed 06-Jul-16 17:14:20


I placed an order large online with Sainsbury’s – this included several bottles of wine. Frustratingly the delivery was 35min late (no one called + I missed an appointment). I stored the bottles of wine on the rack and although I noticed one bottle being sticky I didn`t think much of it. I found out the next day the seal was broken + it leaked on the carpet (so pleased it was white wine!) it wasn`t much but nevertheless one could spot the stain.

I spend then speaking to 3 people who could do nothing, promised 1 call back of a manger – did not happen. I had to call back again another 3!! times with again 1 promised call back that did not happen and finally demanded to speak with someone “right here and now to solve this”. I spoke with a manger that offered a refund of the wine and would post out a £20 goodwill voucher. In all honestly I was so glad to not having to follow this up I accepted.

The End?

You wish … time passed and I received neither a refund or voucher. I called again and spoke with 2 more people (25 min on top of 4 hours at least already spend hanging on and talking to people or staying in for call backs that never happened!) than I was told because I have more than 1 account and yes I do because I have used a voucher more than once they are now refusing to compensate.

I still have a light stain on my carpet … angry

Can they just deny responsibility because I have more than 1 email listed with them? I cannot begin to explain how frustrating the entire costumer service experience has been … should i just let it go?

Any advice?

IceMaiden73 Wed 06-Jul-16 17:53:59

Why do you have more than one account? So that you can fraudulently get extra vouchers?

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