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Fast Track Court Procedure and Directions Questionnaire

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fingersandthumbs Mon 04-Jul-16 17:10:36

I'm acting as a litigant in person on behalf of my mum's estate. I managed to sort out probate without the need for solicitors so was hopeful that I could do sort this out as well.

I have issued court proceedings against someone that she loaned money to and who has now stopped repaying the loan. Due to the amount it is a fast track claim.

I have received from the court form N181 Directions Questionnaire but am a little stuck with its completion. I know that it is a form for the court to decide how to manage the case.

I attempted ADR before issuing proceedings but all attempts at negotiation and alternative proposals for settlement failed and I have explained this in part A of the form as the reason why I don't want to attempt to settle again.

As far as I know I've complied with all pre action protocols and I've not made any applications.

What should I put in D4 - disclosure of non electronic documents? At the moment I've just put standard disclosure but I'm not even sure what this is?

Additionally, I've just found out that as well as the name that I have issued proceedings in the defendant goes by another name. Can I issue an application to add the name that she also uses to the claim and if so what form should I use.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you

fingersandthumbs Mon 04-Jul-16 17:11:48

Should add that the reason for N181 being issued is that the defendant is disputing everything and defending the claim

fingersandthumbs Thu 07-Jul-16 12:03:09


traviata Fri 08-Jul-16 23:12:41

The words 'standard disclosure' are fine.

This is what it means;

Forn N244 is the one you need to ask for the name of the defendant to be amended - it sounds as though you need the name of the Defendant to be amended to "Mavis Bloggs also known as Diana Dors" or whatever it may be.
You should send three copies of the Claim Form with the application; write the new version of the Defendant's name as well as the old one on the claim form, then underline the new one in red.

fingersandthumbs Tue 12-Jul-16 14:47:31

Thank you traviata

Another question, sorry.

The part that asks for other information, specifically do you intend to make any applications in the future, should I answer yes to this in relation to the addition of the also known as name or isn't this relevant here?

traviata Tue 12-Jul-16 15:59:48

That would be a good place to mention the change of name application, but it's not fatal if you don't. You could send the application in with the Directions Questionnaire if you want.

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