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child choosing not to see parent

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jayho Sun 03-Jul-16 20:24:17

so we have court ordered contact, my ex has chosen not to see one of his children, despite the order, child A for the purposes of this, these is a younger child he does nave contact with, Child B

This weekend there was a regular social activity I was taking Child A, Child b was aware. Father was not taking child B. Child B stated clearly he did not want contact with father, he would prefer to attend activity with me and Child A.

I communicated this to father.

I have not blo cked contact, he could still collect and enforce his rights.

He tells me I have I with held contact and he will return to court.

I agree there might have been a standoff but it's for him to manage, I just communicated the situation.

Both children are primary aged (but not infants) btw

We have been separated for six years.

he has not been seeing eldest for +6months and makes no proposal to resume

Child B would have been available at normal time from normal place etc


RandomMess Sun 03-Jul-16 20:29:45

I think he would be foolish to take you back to court on one incidence.

I suggest you put in writing "You misunderstood my communication of //-- at o'clock. I was only advising you that Child B was telling me that they did not wish to have contact. I was still expecting you to collect as per contact agreement and resolve the issue with Child B yourself. In future I will not communicate Child B's wishes."

jayho Sun 03-Jul-16 20:36:00

Phew, that's what I said: 'at liberty to collect just fyi, he doesn't want to go...', I'm also interested at what a family court judge would think of him choosing to enforce contact with one child but not the other?

RandomMess Sun 03-Jul-16 20:43:57

I'm not a legal but I'd let him get on with it.

Sadly enforced contact does happen but I suspect your ex is just throwing his weight around thinking he can intimidate you. Or he's looking for an excuse to end contact and blame you for it...

jayho Sun 03-Jul-16 22:12:51

i don't mind the latter, would make it easier for my children who are currently separated by his wishes and not happy,

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