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Tree issue with neighbour

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pepperpot99 Sat 02-Jul-16 15:03:51

Can anyone help me please? our NdN has two poplar trees ( v tall - 40 - 50 feet) in her back garden right next to the fence separating her garden and ours. The roots have grown a long way and as a result the patio slabs in our garden have been pushed up and are very uneven and will only get worse. We have approached her a few times to ask if she would address the matter but she closes us down each time. She absolutely will not discuss it. We only moved in 18 months ago and have really tried hard to be nice neighbours but so far she hasn't reciprocated.

We want to remodel our garden as it 's a mess; we had two garden companies come recently to quote and both told us these roots were going to have to be looked at. We wrote a very polite letter to her asking if she would be willing to share the cost of a proper arborist (sp?) report but when I rang her yesterday to discuss she said nothing can be done.

We don't want to fall out with her and in addition she is elderly, on her own and partially disabled, so we don't want to hassle her. Having said this, she kicked up an almighty full when we had our (tiny) front garden wall rebuilt a few months back as it slightly affected her hedge (which encroaches into our garden anyway).

Can anyone advise me on this? thanks.

Chippednailvarnishing Sat 02-Jul-16 15:05:16

Has your local council got a tree officer? They should be able to advise.

talulahbelle Sat 02-Jul-16 15:05:56

I think you can legally remove roots to the boundary line - although it may then kill the tree.

talulahbelle Sat 02-Jul-16 15:08:32

pepperpot99 Sat 02-Jul-16 15:48:36

Thanks so much talulahbelle that is really helpful. I will look into that , Chippednailvarniching. smile

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