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harrassment order - family members

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desperateMum45 Fri 01-Jul-16 22:11:21


Need some help, considering putting in an application for non harrassment order against my mum and brother and wanted opinions on likely success please.

Mum rang school & nursery to make allegations about me and DH (not even taken seriously) in Jan 15;

Mum started 4 court applications against me and DH in 9months, 2 involving our house and 2 over access to DGC. Awarded 3h supervised pcm due to her behaviour

Since the result of family court case behaviour worsened:

Gate crashed her former mother in law's funeral last week, in order to intimidate us. Had not seen my dad or her former MiL since 2001 and never spoken since 2002.

On the day of the funeral encouraged her flying monkey son, my brother, to send a threatening text saying 'keep away do not talk to me..' When I responded asking why he said 'everyone in this family f-ing hates u and is angry with u. U don't even love your children' (nb I haven't seen him/ he hasn't seen my kids his choice since Dec 2014)

Rang Police and officer said would give brother a harrassment warning on phone. Can't get hold of police to know if it's happened.

Feel scared so rang domestic violence helpline and they recommended a non harrassment order.

Anyone know if this is worthwhile & also if this would effect the family contact at supervised court centre? Tbh I don't want to do it & kids are scared of their Nan anyway it's just the min cafcass could offer without a psychiatric review of my mother.

Many thanks if anyone can help.

AShadowLurkingInTheShadows Fri 01-Jul-16 22:19:21

Due to you responding you most likely won't get one.

If they text don't respond, call - hang up as soon as you know it's them, ring nursery ect get them to put it in writing what was said and by whom at what time.

Ask the police to deliver your mother and family a harassment warning notice by letter and not via the phone. You'll get a copy too and you can keep it on you (it's what I do).

If you can afford it get a solicitor to send them a 'warning' letter outlining their previous behaviour and that you want no contact with them what so ever apart from the court ordered contact. It is seen as harassment and if they carry on you will no other choice but to file a non-harassment order. You need to be seen as doing everything you possible can to not engage with them and they're going above and beyond to contact you to warrant court action

How old are your children? If they're old enough around 10ish you could go back to court and ask to stop contact and have their wishes and feelings taken into account.

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