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transfer of equity how long please?

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cbigs Mon 27-Jun-16 19:47:59

Hi legal eagles,
My dps ex is biting his part of the house. Amount agreed , dp been witnessed signing his side all sent back . Apparently all ex's side is done so how long should it take from here? Feels like it's been weeks but sadly dps ex is vile and considers this none of his business so won't talk to him about it and as she's buying him out no one will tell dp anything either... We really need the money through or atleast a date and are both getting very twitchy . Does anyone know why there might be a hold up? Or is 3-4 weeks normal for the process after all paperwork is received? confused

cbigs Mon 27-Jun-16 19:48:35

Buying ... Not biting ffs

Sootica Mon 27-Jun-16 21:37:46

Mortgage offer delayed?

everyonesmom Mon 27-Jun-16 21:43:29

If the ex is staying with the current mortgage company then the hold up will be with the land registry, can take up to three months to complete (sorry). If she has moved the mortgage to a new company it will be around 6 weeks.

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