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overcharged by tradesman ?

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user1466014635 Wed 15-Jun-16 19:52:55

I have had sliding mirror doors fitted in my sons bedroom. I had a joiner come up and I asked him what the cost would be so I could decide if this was affordable for me. He gave me different options of doors etc and gave me costs. he told me that I would have to get the doors made to measure as I could not get the standard sizes ... although I guess I could have if I decided against having them from floor to ceiling. Anyway he gave the cost for his labour and materials along with the 2 days he would be around to do the work. I was quoted £820 this was £400 for his labour £380.00 for the 2 doors and I guess the extra £40 must have been for materials. He never did give me receipts for any of these things. I did think initially that was quite pricy after speaking to other people like my friend who had both bedrooms done including doors and materials and labour for £650. however I did not know at the time if this was the going price or if he was overcharging me. I now have had an invoice through telling me that the full cost is £900 and that is £80 more which maybe does not seem that much more but not sure if he can do that. He has already sent me a quote telling me the cost. on top of that ... I wouldn't mind so much but the quality of the job is not that great . The track on the floor is uneven, but he said its because my floor is off and not even. I don't care if a joiner is going to do a job properly they should have something in place to fix that or at least inform me before starting the job. He now has said he cannot fix this because the doors were made to measure so if he was to build it up at the bottom to make it even it wouldn't work as he couldn't raise the doors due to them being made to measure. Its not horrendous but you do notice it and I think its a lot of money to pay if a job is not done properly. Can I have someones opinion. Can anyone give me the number or contact details of a person or company that can give me advice by looking over the work done at my house and advising if they think I have been overcharged and basically done ! oh and also I have proof that the quote was £820 and no more .. he sent this on a text. Will this still stand as its not on paper ? many thanks for your help Teresa

user1466014635 Wed 15-Jun-16 20:00:21

he has just added more materials on which has bumped up the cost and then told me that he did not quote for materials. When I looked back on the txt he sent it said : Hi Teresal that's u booked in 4 Monday and Tuesday 9th & 10th May £820 for labour and material thanks. In my mind that is a quote and that's him giving me a price in stone. I have told him that I will not be paying any more than that. I will give him half and the extra that will make up the £820 when he has finished the job to my satisfaction

Redbindippers101 Wed 15-Jun-16 20:07:00

Your proposed course of action sounds fair. Perhaps you could get a quote from someone else to finish the work properly and use that as a guide to the amount to retain.

user1466014635 Thu 16-Jun-16 11:21:17

I am glad someone else agree's, wasn't too sure if this amount was a bit hefty ! Thanks for the advise smile

EvansOvalPies Thu 16-Jun-16 11:27:09

Are you quite clear that this was a Quote, and not an Estimate (sometimes people do confuse the two). If it was plainly a Quote, then even via Text Msg, this should stand up in a Court of Law. It does seem very odd that your chap is having trouble fitting the specially-made doors - it should make his job easier, especially upon his suggestion.

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