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12 weeks school holidays

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user1465851526 Mon 13-Jun-16 22:16:01

Currently I cover all school holidays from a childcare perspective. Both myself and the Father work full time and his holiday entitlement is double that of mine.

I have to find childcare arrangements for school holidays and when broaching the subject of him sharing this responsibility with me he flat out refuses.

I am confused where I stand legally on the subject. I'm not necessarily looking for him to cover a full 6 weeks but would like to come to a formal legal arrangement re him covering x weeks of the 12.

Where do I stand in being able to achieve this. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks you.

RosieSW Mon 20-Jun-16 23:29:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Collaborate Tue 21-Jun-16 07:08:31

Does he pay maintenance via the CSA/CMS?

That's all you can realistically get from him. As it's a fixed % of the non-resident parent's income sometimes it's for more than half the actual cost of a child, and sometimes it's less. The system is not sophisticated enough to take actual expenses in to account.

fuckincuntbuggerinarse Tue 21-Jun-16 07:13:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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