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C100 forms

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1ofthosedays Tue 31-May-16 10:04:53

You receive a letter from the court stating that an applicant has filed a C100 form. The applicant ticked all 3 types of order (Specific Issues, Child Arrangements and Prohibited Steps). In the statement section the applicant wrote one sentence stating that the respondent has threatened child abduction so would assume that only the Prohibited Steps order would be relevant? Although in the statement it does not set out what the applicant wants the court to do.

The respondent would like to file for full custody.

Does the respondent need to file another C100 form if they would like the Child Arrangements Order to be changed or can they argue this in their position statement?

The respondent would also like a SIO regarding an agreement that has been made informally between the Applicant and Respondent. As the applicant has just filed a C100 form it would appear that they are now going against the previously agreed arrangement but has not said so to the respondent. Does this need to be applied for separately?

Would appreciate any advice on this as we are keen to streamline the court process and are aware that there are a lot of orders/C100 forms flying around and that it is a complicated case. We dont want to not file a C100 form for the SIO and CA and then get to court to be told that we need to!

Thank you!

1ofthosedays Tue 31-May-16 10:06:25

Sorry, in the applicant's statement it does not say that they think only a PSO would only be relevant, I am just assuming that it would and that you cant file for all 3 orders on one C100 form??

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