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Representing myself at ET

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EThelpplease Mon 30-May-16 18:58:09

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me with a couple of procedure questions that I'm not quite finding the answer to...

I'm the claimant, and we're in England. A 'simple' case. We've already agreed a bundle, including agreed facts. Neither of us has notified the other of calling witnesses, nor disclosed statements. The original hearing date was last week, but it was postponed, and not been notified of a new date yet. The Respondent supplied a skeleton argument document to me and tribunal the day before the postponement.

The ET2 stated "if you wish to rely on written representations at the hearing they must be sent to the Tribunal and to all other parties not less than 7 days before the hearing. You will have the chance to put forward oral arguments in any case."

Do I need to notify them that I am a witness?
I've written a statement. Do I need to notify the Respondent? Do I need to provide a copy to them before the hearing? Do I need to provide a copy to the Tribunal before the hearing? Do I need to provide copies more than a week before the hearing? Can I just bring sufficient copies on the day, and then read it out?

Likewise, I also have a skeleton argument. I don't believe I need to provide that before the day, but may provide it at the time. Would it be worth sending it in before the day?

I don't want to miss being able to rely on my own statement or evidence by not getting this right! Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

EThelpplease Mon 30-May-16 19:01:20

Should have said, it's scheduled for just 2 hours.

MummyBex1985 Wed 01-Jun-16 12:29:19

The agreed date for exchange of statements includes your witness statement as the claimant so yes, you do need to exchange your statement at the same time. You don't need to send it to the tribunal but you do need to bring sufficient signed copies for yourself, the respondent, the witness stand and the judge. You will usually be cross examined on the content. You don't usually read it out - the tribunal judge will just read it.

Skeleton arguments are usually provided the day before the hearing.

Two hours is very short - is it a wages claim?

EThelpplease Thu 02-Jun-16 00:17:22

Thanks. I've sent my statement - they're not providing any. And I checked with tribunal re. Not sending to them.

They had supplied skeleton the day before, but it got postponed just after. I'll supply mine the day before next time then - I thought you only did them for EAT?

It's unlawful deduction/ penalty clause (I know).

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