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certificate of compliance and covenants

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letthefundusbegin Thu 26-May-16 14:43:18

Posting here as I am very confused.

I sold some land about 18 months ago, which the purchaser then built two houses on. As part of the sale restrictive covenants were registered, for example about only building two properties, agreeing to erect and maintain a fence etc.

The houses are now for sale and I have been contacted by one of the buyers asking me to:
"certify that the planning permission within the transfer has been complied with"

They are asking me to provide an appropriate certificate to confirm compliance with the clauses of the transfer.

So, my questions are-
How do I get a certificate of compliance?
Who should pay for this?
What does planning permission have to do with me, as I didn't have anything to do with any of the building work?

I had been in touch with the sellers solicitors and had approved the draft transfer of convenant document, so I will be giving permission to transfer over the covenants to the new owners of the house, but surely if I issue a certify compliance this then removes the convenants altogether as they have been 'complied with'?

I'm very confused about this, and think that if the seller/ buyer want to plough ahead with it all then they should offer to pay for my legal fees so this is done properly as it makes no odds to me if the house sells or not as I had nothing to do with building them in the first place.

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