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Please advise

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soniagarcia79 Mon 16-May-16 11:00:21

Hi there!
I'm Spanish but I lived and worked in the UK for over 13 years, 9 in London and nearly 5 in Brighton. In 2013 I fell in love with the wrong person and gave me more bad moments than happy ones. We had many fights, he's really abusive, some of them got physical. Some times also the police was called.
It was September 2014 when I couldn't stand the situation anymore and decided to embark myself in a self realisation trip. He followed my steps begging me for another chance. It was during that trip that I became pregnant.
While I was still on my first trimester, we had another fight that left me with a nose bleed. It wasn't until then I didn't see the gravity of the situation. I didn't want to loose my baby.
We were at my parents village in Spain by then. He came back to the UK and I stayed with them, where I found the support I needed to report him to the police.
I was treated for anxiety and stress during my pregnancy due to his harassment and verbal abuse together with his threats of killing himself. It was a horrible period.
He wasn't there at the birth in January 2016, even though he flew over to be there but missed it because he got pissed. Which means he's not in the birth certificate.
His harassment and threats continue and I believe his mental health is deteriorating by the minute as he's getting even more violent.
I want to come back to Brighton since I feel I found my home there. I left my friends behind, a successful career and I place I could call home. However, I'm scared he could hurt me again, or my baby. What steps can I follow?

MrsBertBibby Mon 16-May-16 12:03:50

Bear in mind, if you try Brighton (or elsewhere in the Uk) and decide you would rather have stayed in Spain, you may find the courts won't let you go back if he objects.

It sounds to me as if your best bet is staying well away from him, for your baby's sake.

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