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Wills exercuter / trustees

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TulipStream Mon 16-May-16 09:54:37

Hi all
I'm wanting some advice, my dad is ill and he has giving me a copy of of his will. It names his sister as an executor and trustee to her and me, however I don't know his sister and haven't seen her in over 20 odd + years. ( and no memory of seeing her at all)

What power does this give her ?
Also, it doesn't mention life insurance - will she be able to claim for it?

My dad has asked me to financially take care of my mother and sibling, so if she can claim anything, that means I will struggle as it wasn't an overly large amount anyway.

I honestly wish that my mother and brother weren't such fuckwits with money and that the will could include our family unit equally. The pressure of having to take care of everyone then throwing this random stranger into this mix, just makes it worse. This woman is basically a stranger, I have no memories of her. I know she's his sister because he tells me she is.

MrsMarigold Mon 16-May-16 09:57:34

My dad has done this for loads of people - he did not benefit at all, he is just very trustworthy.

OurBlanche Mon 16-May-16 10:08:29

She can be an executor and not get any money at all. It just means she oversees the estate being sent where the will says it should be.

That's it. Often there is also a solicitor and the executor is the one who deals with them directly.

DH has been an executor twice. With his DM he was also a beneficiary. With his uncle he was not. She may decline, if she has been out of contact for many years she may not want to get involved.

No she cannot take any insurance, the beneficiaries are named on the policy, All she will do is the paperwork, signing the permission slips so the cheques can be made to whomever is named.

The only way you can reassure yourself is to talk to your dad again. It is his choice but you can discuss it with him. he has opened that door for you.

Panic not. This isn't something you need to worry over.

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