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Threatened with a county court judgement (ccj)

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Madrads Sun 08-May-16 14:39:37

I hope someone will be able to advice me. I planned a remodelling and large extension for over 6 years. We finally got planning permission by end of 2014. We had out job out to tender only one of the 4 builders tendered and he could not start for 6 months. I was talking about this in church when one of the congregation said he was a project manager and he could start within 4 weeks when his current job finishes. He quoted £176k. The job started off well but within 3 month it slowed down. He stated in March 2015 and he was suppose to finish in June , then he moved the date to August , then it was end of September and finally for Christmas. Needless to say he did not finish and the house is still not finish yet. You can guess the price continue to rise , to date we have paid him 196k. He wants a further 22k. I said I will not pay him until the work is done. The quality of the work is rubbish, I work long hours and once or twice I came home to find him on the roof. I don't think he was the trades in. He has now said that if I don't pay he will apply for county court judgement and he went on to day my credit rating will be ruined for life. My initial response was see a solicitor and issue a counter ccj. I have lost sleep and earnings over this build, I had a mortgage holiday which I paid handsomely for and multiple other items that he initial said were included in the build but not now. He is very keen on the word variances. What shall I do?

notapizzaeater Sun 08-May-16 14:45:16

Is the tender a fixed price ? Has the building been signed off by building control (to Make su he's doing it safely)

Stillunexpected Sun 08-May-16 14:46:43

Have you got a written quote from him detailing what is included with timescales?

Madrads Sun 08-May-16 16:58:46

The building is signed off and tenders are not binding but once you choose the winning bid the price they give you should be binding

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