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Parking issues ....

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Teddingtonmum1 Sat 07-May-16 22:29:07

I have a leasehold top floor flat in a Victorian detached house. There is a driveway for 2 cars. The downstairs flat is owned by the freeholder it was one big 1 bed flat but he divided into a tiny 1 bed with a self contained studio at the rear. They are both tenanted on AST's

When I first moved in I met the freeholder and he made a comment in passing that I don't have a right to park on the driveway , yet on the property head lease it clearly states as a leasee I have a right to park on the driveway.

What he has effectively done is by dividing his downstairs flat into 2 he has helped himself to my parking space and offering it to his tenants.

At the moment one of the tenants doesn't have a car so there is space for me to park but I want it resolved. I pay half of all the maintenance costs on the building, so am a bit miffed that he thinks he has the right to take away my space to give to his tenants!!.

One of the tenants is moving out shortly so I want to ensure That he doesn't advertise it with parking that's actually mine.

I don't have money for a drawn out battle, but he hasn't provided any proof and I think he thinks that I won't check, he doesn't live there so I can't understand why he thinks his tenants would have more rights than me ??... I think his pulling a fast one what can I do.

Collaborate Sun 08-May-16 07:17:23

Do you have exclusive right to one spot, or is it first come first served?

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sun 08-May-16 07:44:48

Provide him with a copy of the lease where it says you have a right to park there.

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