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returns to shop

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slowandfrumpy Thu 05-May-16 17:34:42

Please can I ask a question.
I bought a dress today from a dress shop in the west end.
the manager served me.
i said i was going to ask my family what they thought about it and she said that's fine 28 day return policy etc
the woman said she put the receipt in the bag (I didn't check).
the receipt wasn't in bag when i got home and the dress does not look good according to my partners
so I called store immediately - same day of purchase - and said I don't seem to have receipt but want to return the dress
the woman said she remembered me but would only do an exchange without a receipt. she said she remembered putting the receipt in the bag.
surely the very fact she remembers me is proof of purchase enough?
it seems a bit mean doesn't it. also she is basically saying her word is the rule which is also pretty poor customer relations.
what is the point of the receipt - proof of purchase... surely the fact she knows me is proof?
I said i'd provide a statement from the bank if that would do and she reluctantly agreed but it still seems a bit arsey
i'm tempted to complain to the head office (they are a branch of a european store that has one outlet in us) but i don't have a foot etc do I?

pippistrelle Thu 05-May-16 18:22:05

Well, it's a pain but I can sort of see where the shop person is coming from. Unless she's the owner, she's not the one setting the guidelines on the shop's refund policy. Maybe her terms of employment require her to see proof of purchase before making a refund. It's a bit 'computer says no', but luckily, you have proof of purchase so there's no harm done in the end, is there?

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