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Solicitors dealing with RTA

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Mairyhinge Tue 03-May-16 16:37:36

HI, just wondered if anyone else had gone thru similar to us and it took a long time to resolve. Dh was involved in am RTA Xmas eve, other driver at fault, although this was disputed somewhat, they had until 18th April to put their version forward with any evidence. We haven't seen any of this yet.
Dh was examined by an independent physiotherapist on instruction from the solicitor in late February.
We still haven't received a copy of that report.
In fact, dh has had several rounds of physio for the accident, his final session being last week, but we've heard nothing from the solicitor for weeeeeeeeks.
I don't know if we should ring them? On cases like these do they charge when you ring?
I'm still anxious this will be a 50/50 result, which will piss me off as its dragged on and we've lost out big time due to this young driver who was probably pissed and evidently driving on the wrong side of the road

Is this normal for things to drag out this long? And for us to hear nothing at all?
The insurance have paid out for the total loss, that side is settled, it's the claim for whiplash, and other losses ( our excess, mileage, other insurance we've had to pay).

Happylandpirate Tue 03-May-16 16:44:28

I had a very similar RTC a couple
of years ago. My claim for the damage to my vehicle was cleared up immediately however my injury claim took 6 months and they nearly didn't pay out because although they agreed to pay for the damage when it came to my injury they'd claimed 50/50 (still don't know to this day how they work that one out). I had an independent witness who gave an account and it was only on this evidence that they decided to pay out for my injury claim!! Hope this helps!

Mairyhinge Tue 03-May-16 18:04:01

Thanks, I guess it's only been just over 4 months, it's just the lack of contact really! Like they've fallen off the planet. I have a feeling they may not pay out and try a 50/50, there's no witnesses, although all the photographs we took are very clear.
We haven't heard anything about the other side, wether he's injured ( allegedly) or not, wether he's had physio or not, nothing at all.
Appreciate your comments tho thank you flowers

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