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Awful tenant neighbour

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AIBVVVU Thu 28-Apr-16 00:21:34

Today 00:14 AIBVVVU

Posting for traffic as DH and I getting desperate. We own our house. The person next to us rents. He is an arse. He has two long wheel base work vans which he parks on the road. One of which is parked about a foot over our dropped kerb every single day, making get in and out of our drive difficult. That's annoying enough. His stance is its a public road and he'll park where he likes, not seeming to appreciate that parking over a dropped kerb isn't ok.
Secondly, the boundary fence between our two back gardens needs repair. Not minor work - five of the eleven fence panels have been maintained so badly they have fallen into our garden. The fence belongs to next door. This tenant has a weird arrangement with his landlady in that he does work to the house for a reduced rent (he's a builder, hence the vans). When we viewed the house two years ago one fence panel was missing and he told us he would fix it. He's done nothing. Now five panels are pretty much missing so our garden not only looks awful but we can't comfortably use it as we can see straight in to his garden and vice versa.
DH has mentioned every other month or so about getting the fence sorted. We're always given 'tomorrow' promises. The fence runs adjacent to our shed at one point so it's not even like we can put up a new fence inside our boundary.
He's a selfish arse of a man who is a really inconsiderate neighbour in lots of ways, but these two issues are really starting to get me down.
I've checked the Land Registry for details of the landlord but the only contact they have is the address of
the property. If we write to the landlord addressed to next door I don't trust the tenant to pass it on or not to read it.
Sorry for the long post but what do we do? I'm so fed up of being irritated every time I come home by his selfish (illegal) parking and the crappy fence!
What can we do?

Collaborate Thu 28-Apr-16 10:00:42

It's not very nice having someone regularly park across your drive. If he's blocking your car in then the police might be persuaded to get involved, but it's very low down on their list of priorities.

The police won't get involved if he's not blocking a car in.

You cannot force him to mend the fence, any more than you can force him to paint the front door. His fence, and he can let it fall down if he wants.

If you want a fence on that side of your boundary then you'll have to put your own fence up, on your side of the boundary. If you do that, make sure you take plenty of before and after photos so that, in the event of a dispute many years down the line, you can prove that the fence belongs to you and sits wholly on your land.

Moreisnnogedag Thu 28-Apr-16 14:48:01

But it's not his fence. It's his landlady's fence. She's not getting market rent as he's meant to be maintaining the property, which he's not doing.

So you know the landlady's name? Um besides googling I'm not sure how you could get hold of her address. Is the electoral roll public knowledge?

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