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subscription taken from PayPal unauthorised since 2014!

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ooharmehearties Tue 26-Apr-16 16:26:24

Hi there, hope am in the right place. So a couple of years ago I was on a site that you signed up for free, then it emailed me to say I had messages and to read them I could sign up for one month. It gave options for longer but it definitely made it look like it was a one off payment. So I did, the site was rubbish so didn't bother again with it.
Now I know I am stupid not to check my PayPal outgoings for so long, but tbh I barely use it . By chance I noticed yesterday a payment had gone out I didn't recognise- and then checked and it had gone out once a month since Nov 2014!
I cancelled, then contacted site saying I had chosen just one month but they denied it and said it was a renewable automatic subscription. The site has since been redesigned and they directed me to their terms and conditions. A link to end auto subscriptions did not work. But all that wasn't there on the old design.
So they've had about £350 out of me that I have not had any service for, and they are refusing to reimburse me.( in a rather smirky email which fuelled my annoyance)
Do I have any recourse for action?
Thanks for getting to the end!

cdtaylornats Wed 27-Apr-16 22:35:55

Raise a dispute with Paypal.

eternalopt Wed 27-Apr-16 22:42:25

Try searching here for an older version of the website

ooharmehearties Thu 28-Apr-16 18:24:27

Thanks- I've raised a dispute with PayPal and I'll have a look at that site

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