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How long does it take for a CAO FHDRA date to be issued?

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Gawarngawarngawarngawarn Mon 25-Apr-16 22:50:57

I filed a C100 Thursday last (so, the 14th). I tipped up to the family court in person with 3 copies of the form (one for the court, one for CAFCASS, and one for XP), but was told when I arrived that they don't accept them over the counter, and that I would have to post it through the letterbox. So, I did this, but asked what to do about paying for it - the security guard said I'd have to write that I would pay by card on it, and someone would ring me. Last week, I hadn't heard anything, so I rang to see if I could pay over the phone, to be told that they would contact me for payment. Since then, nothing.
Is there a guideline for how long it should take for them to issue the FHDRA time/date? I know CAFCASS have to do the safeguarding check, talk to XP, DS and us, make their report - I assume if they find anything concerning they bump it up to 'urgent'. The waiting just feels like it's taking forever.

Fourormore Tue 26-Apr-16 02:31:51

Try calling the court and ask? Our local court is currently working on stuff from five weeks ago...

Sootica Tue 26-Apr-16 19:31:55

It's around 2 weeks at my local court (herts) unless something is flagged up in the paperwork as needing an urgent hearing. It should be in the court staff admin pile to process and issue and hopefully you'll get a call then to pay.

Gawarngawarngawarngawarn Tue 26-Apr-16 21:13:04

I rang the court today as XP has suddenly decided to ask about family counselling again ( despite saying that mediation was preferable and then refusing to go to mediation) and I thought he may have received a letter or phonecall. The court said that it could take up to 4 weeks to process the application but that we ought to receive notification of hearing proceedings on the same day as they would be sent out the same day. So I guess I have another two and a half weeks to wait.

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