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Legal fees

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FV45 Mon 25-Apr-16 13:39:16

A question.

My solicitor had planned annual leave for this week. She told me things could still proceed in her absence - that she would hand over to a colleague.
Unfortunately, she then needed to take compassionate leave, so the full hand over did not happen.

A different solicitor is taking over my case for the duration.

I want things to proceed in my solicitor's absence.

If the new solicitor spends a heap of time getting up to date with my case before actually working on it am I obliged to pay? It is no ones fault that this has happened - it's life I understand that, but I neither want to wait until my solicitor is back nor pay for someone new to take over.

I can of course ask her, but that's more £££££ just to ask!

Collaborate Mon 25-Apr-16 13:58:40

Chances are you won't be charged, but the time to check is when you receive your bill. Take a look at the breakdown then.

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