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Final Hearing

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noteabagsintoilet Mon 25-Apr-16 08:21:28

are you able to request a date change for Final Hearing and if so what is involved

lostdad Mon 25-Apr-16 09:31:50

Yes, there is nothing to stop you contacting the court to ask a hearing be rescheduled.

You just need to write to the court to ask. Give your reasons (child-focused ones are best if it is Child Matters) along with other relevant information. Send it to the court manager and ask it be passed to the judge.

Once they have read your letter you will get a response advising you of their decision.

Collaborate Mon 25-Apr-16 09:35:22

You can ask but you may not get. It depends on your reasons, and how long ago it was that the date was set. Usually it's up to the parties to inform the court of their availability before the date is scheduled.

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